Classic Car Transport

Vintage & Classic Cars Enclosed Transport

Do you have a special, vintage or classic car and need to have it delivered to a different or new location?

Please get in touch with Prestige Vehicle Transport. Our fully covered classic car transportation service guarantees safe and timely delivery to whichever delivery point required.

Classic Cars Collectors & Enthusiasts

Vintage and Classic cars are valuable witnesses of automotive history, embody a whole way and as such are much too valuable to take long distances by themselves. At Prestige Vehicle Transport we’ve worked with collectors and classic car enthusiasts to ensure we safely transport their prized vehicles across United Kingdom and overseas, we will take care of the distance so that you will have the jewel of your collection right where you want it to be. Whether it’s the holiday resort, the workshop, the race track or an exhibition, we bring your vehicle safely, quickly and discretely to its designated destination.





Advanced Technology & Traditional Methods

Our customers trust our skills as classic car transport specialists, which gives us the motivation to be on the cutting edge of transport security and safety. All our experienced drivers take part in external and internal training courses making it possible to find a transport solution that takes in account all of your questions and needs, stress-free classic car relocation up to your requirements. Prestige Vehicle Transport combines advanced transportation technology with traditional methods, such as using modern cargo ramps in our trailers along with traditional techniques to secure a classic car in a trailer. We use over the tyre holding straps to prevent any damage and protect whitewall vintage tyres.

Need to Relocate a Classic Vehicle?

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