Frequently Asked Questions

We try to make the process of moving your vehicle as easy and hassle-free as possible, here are some questions that our customers frequently make.

1Why should you trust Prestige Vehicle Transport?
With Prestige Vehicle Transport you can rely on a company with more than fifteen years of experience in vehicle transport services in United Kingdom and Europe. Our range of options to suit your needs and your budget.
2What services Prestige Vehicle Transport offer?
We offer a wide range of services of hard side enclosed, fully covered surround your valuable vehicle, that include Classic and Prestige Car transport, Corporate or Home vehicle Delivery, Motorsport vehicle transport. Whether you sell your car to somebody who is miles away, or you have bought a car at an auction, you can count on our team to help you, we assure that your vehicle will be picked up and delivered safely.
3Do Prestige Vehicle Transport operate overseas?
Yes, we do have more than fifteen years of experience in transporting cars across country and relocations to Europe can be arranged to meet your needs.
4How long will it take to transport my vehicle?
Car moving and delivery times vary depending on distance, road conditions and the service option you have chosen. Please contact us to discuss your needs.
5How the transportation is made?
All vehicles are loaded and unloaded to our hard-sided fully enclosed transport lorry, with a low-profile ramp to ensure ground clearance. Vehicles are strapped over the tyre with nylon tie downs to secure them, these go over the rubber of the tire, and our drivers check these straps multiple times to ensure your car is safe and secure.
6Does someone need to be present when the car is picked up and delivered?
Yes. At pick-up, you or your representative needs to sign a vehicle survey condition report and give the keys to our driver. At delivery, you or someone representing you needs to check the vehicle's condition, sign the condition form and take the keys back.
7What protection does Prestige Vehicle Transport provide during the transport?
You can enjoy the peace of mind when you choose Prestige Vehicle Transport to move your vehicle anywhere in United Kingdom and abroad. Our focus on transporting your vehicle safely and securely is underpinned by our modern fleet of transporters and a service commitment from our nationwide team of transport experts. Your vehicle will also be protected against accidental loss or damage up to a value of £3.5M (three million and five hundred thousand GBP) when you move your vehicle with us.
8How do I know were my vehicle is?
All our fleet is equipped with GPS location that tracks each vehicle throughout its journey, so we always know the exact location of your car. Our office will happily provide location updates upon request when shipping a car.

If your question isn’t reply above, please get in touch with us! Send us an email to, you can also give us a call on 020 3648 4994 or 079 0819 1883