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Track day, Race or Motorsport event coming? Are you looking for a Motorsport logistics partner?

Get in touch with Prestige Vehicle Transport. We offer fully enclosed and insured race car transportation to and from the race track. Our drivers can pick your vehicle up from your home or storage and relocate it to any track in the country safely and securely.

Reliable & Flexible

At Prestige Vehicle Transport we are specialized in the transportation of vintage, classic, and contemporary racing vehicles, with over fifteen years of experience of relocating race cars we understand the fine details of enclosed race car transport, accounting for their unique bodies, low clearance, and other attributes that require the care and handling of true car enthusiasts and professionals. As car enthusiasts ourselves we understand the concern and worries associated to a vehicle relocation, whatever your reasons get your racing car moved to another location, Prestige Vehicle Transport have the right offer to you, we can help with our professional and efficient service.





From your Door to Race Track

We offer Door to Door insured race car transportation! From your driveway to the race track your Motorsport Vehicle will stay on the same lorry with the same driver from pick up until it reaches its destination. Our professional and experienced drivers ensure that even the rarest of race cars are handled appropriately during the enclosed race car relocation process. Our customers trust our skills as Motorsport Car Transport specialists, which gives us the motivation to be on the cutting edge of transport security and safety. Prestige Vehicle Transport combines advanced transportation technology with traditional methods, such as using modern low profile cargo ramps in our trailers and latest GPS Tracking systems along with traditional techniques to secure a classic car in a trailer. We always use over the tyre holding straps to prevent any damage and protect your performance tyres and rims.

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